4.9/5.8GHz Dual Pol Omni Antenna 11 dBi – ATA-OM50HV-11
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4.9/5.8GHz Dual Pol Omni Antenna 11 dBi

Product ID: ATA-OM50HV-11


4.9/5.8Ghz Dual Pol Omni Antenna, with 2xN Female jack. The frequency band is 5150-5850MHz, with a high Gain of 11 dBi, and a Vertical & Horizontal Dual Polarization. Dimensions are Φ76*700mm (Φ3*19.7inch). Weight is 1.85 Kgs.



Frequency 5150-5850MHz
Polarization Vertical & Horizontal
Gain 11±1 dBi
Horizontal beam-width 360º
Vertical beam-width 8°±1°
Out-of-roundness±1 dB
Input Impedance50 Ω
Max power50 W
Lightning protectionDC Ground
Connector Type 2*N Female
Dimensions Φ76*700mm(Φ3*19.7inch)
Radiating Element Material PCB
Weight 1.85kgs
Radome material UPVC
Radome Color White
Mounting Pole Φ40 mm to Φ65 mm
Operating temperature -40 ºC to 60 ºC
Wind velocity 200 km/h (survival)